We create effective and compelling high-quality visual media to tell our clients' stories.

 We’ve worked with and helped many non-profit organizations deliver important, sensitive, and heartfelt messages effectively to many different audiences.  In the corporate world, we’ve helped companies market themselves, attract new business, relay their strategic initiatives, and ultimately stand out amongst their competitors.  We’ve also worked with many schools, universities, and hospitals on many projects where careful and thoughtful messaging has been crucial.  Whether PSAs, admissions, annual giving campaigns, fundraisers, galas, or auctions, we’ve successfully connected with viewers on an emotional level and helped raise both money and awareness. 


Matthew Brown, Principal | Creative Director 

Matt brings 15+ years worth of creativity and cinematic experience, working with the most advanced camera systems and editing platforms.  As an Emmy-nominated, Telly award winning director and cinematographer, his visions, imagination, and utilization of the newest, most advanced techniques make all of his final productions stellar.  Matt’s positive, hard working attitude, charisma, and knowledge of the industry make clients' experiences enjoyable.  Every project is unique, and Matt prides himself on making sure every production is purposefully catered to the particular needs identified by the client and always strives to exceed expectations.

Our Process

Although every project is different, we pride ourselves in maintaining an effective and organized approach.  We believe a successful project is one in which all parties involved are fully engaged in the process of creating something visually special – a true collaboration.  

We begin with conceptualizing; working closely with the client to determine the purpose of the video, the main message(s), who the audience is, and what resources we’ll need.  

We then embark upon the pre-production phase; identifying the key points, determining the tone, scripting, designing and building graphics, and storyboarding.  

The production phase is when our highly-skilled crews get to work.  Content is shot and imagery is carefully selected using the latest and greatest camera gear and techniques.  

Lastly, the post-production phase is where the magic happens!  This is when countless hours of editing are spent stringing together a perfect, seamless story that leaves the viewer with the identified key mission, brand message, and purpose.